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Shark Fights 18: weigh-ins

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185lbs middleweight  3X3min rounds

  Justin Cutler 0-0, Reno, NV    vs  Scott Rosa  0-0, Sparks, NV, Reno Academy of Combat

Age-23, Hgt-6’0″, Rch-72″,  184.4lb             Age-25, Hgt-6’6″, Rch-81.5″, 185.4 lbs

16olbs Catchweight 3x3min rounds

Anthony Avila 4-1, Sacramento, CA       vs      Ben Santiago 3-2, Reno, NV, Reno Academy of Combat

Age-22, Hgt-5’8″, Rch-68″, 158.6lbs          Age-22, Hgt-5’11”, Rch-72″, 158.4lbs

193lbs Catchweight 3x5mins rounds

 Brandon Sene 2-1, Las Vegas, NV     vs       Krasimir Mladenov, 2-0 , Las Vegas, NV, IFC

Age-30, Hgt-6’1″, Rch-72″, 190.0lbs               Age-25, Hgt-5’8″, Rch-69″, 189.0lbs

205lbs Light Heavyeight 3x5mins rounds

Roy Bouhghton, 5-2, Pleasant Hill, CA, Cesar Gracie         vs        Adriano Camolese, Hollywood, CA, Team Noguiera

Age-22, Hgt-5’11”, Rch-75″, 205.0lbs                  Age-34, Hgt-6’2″, Rch-78.5″, 205.0lbs

145lbs Featherweight 3x5mins rounds

Randy Spence, 11-10, Lodi, CA       vs     Alexander Crispim, 6-2, Pleasanton, CA, Barra Brothers

Age-34, Hgt-5’9″, Rch-71″, 146.8lbs            Age-34, Hgt-5’7″, Rch-68″, 145lbs

245lbs Heavyweight 3x5mins rounds

Ruben Villareal, 19-21-3, Sacramento, CA, Asylum Inc     vs      Dave Huckaba, 15-4, Rio Linda, CA, Huckaba Next Gen.

Age-41, Hgt-6’4′, Rch-71″, 241.5lbs               Age-37, Hgt-6’0″, Rch-74″, 240lbs

205lbs Light Heavyweight3x5mins rounds

Emanuel Newton, 15-6-1, Long Beach, CA, Kings MMA      vs       Ricky Shivers, 10-5-1, Reno, NV, IFC

Age-27, Hgt-6’1″, Rch-78″, 204.0lbs                    Age-26, Hgt-6’5″, Rch-80″, 203.6lbs

Main Event 155lbs Lightweight 3x5mins rounds

Aaron Wetherspoon, 8-3, Chino Hills, CA, Teah Oyama  vs  Shane Nelson, 13-5, Hilo, HI, BJ Penn Training & Fitness

Age-32, Hgt-5’8″, Rch-70″, 151.8lbs                 Age-27, Hgt-5’9″, Rch-70″, 154lbslbs


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