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Shark Fights 20:Weigh Ins

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Kimo Yadao (0-0) of Extreme Couture – age-22, hgt-6’0″, rch-75″, wgt-155lbs

3x3mins vs.

Cristian Palencia (0-0) of Legends MMA – age-25, hgt-5’9″, rch-69″, wgt-154.5lbs


Ian Omalza (3-2) of Drysdale JJ – age-29, hgt-5’4″, rch-67″, wgt-134.5lbs

3x3mins vs.

Chris Brady (0-0) of Legends MMA – age-25, hgt-5’7″, rch-69″, wgt-135.5lbs


Anthony Guerra (2-4) of Team War – age-26, hgt-5’4″, rch-64″, wgt-133.5lbs

3x5mins vs.

Ernie Calma (4-6) of Lucero JJ – age-28, hgt-5’6″, rch-64″, wgt-136lbs


Rich Campbell (3-1) of Arevalo Academy – age-33, hgt-6’2″, rch-64″, wgt-169.5lbs

3x5mins vs.

Eddie Jackson (0-0) of Legends MMA- age-34, hgt-5’10”, wgt-169.5lbs


Josh Huber (5-2) of Easton BJJ – age26, hgt-5’10”, wgt-145.5lbs

3x5mins vs.

Jason Trevino (3-5) of Extreme Couture – age-27, hgt-5’8″, rch-71″, wgt-147


DJ Roberson (4-2) of Ultimate Fitness – age-29, hgt-6’3″, rch-77″, wgt-170.5lbs

3x5mins vs.

Alan Jouban (2-1) of Legends MMA – age-29, hgt-6’0″, rch-74″, wgt-170.5


Jared Downing (7-0) of Hard Drive – age-22, hgt-5’6″, rch-69″, wgt-145.5

3x5mins vs.

Roberto Vargas (11-1) of Millenia MMA – age-29, hgt-5’6″, rch-72″, wgt-146lbs


Clifford Starks (6-0) of Arizona Combat – age-30, hgt-6’0″, rch-77″, wgt-18glbs

3x5mins vs.

Artenas Young (7-3) of Jacksons MMA – age-31, hgt-6’2″, rch-77″, wgt-185lbs


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