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Slugfest, produced by Bay City Brawlers 10/22/11

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Randall Wallace     vs.  Nico Larez

Round 1 – Wallace goes for a body lock, rushes Larez against the fence, and takes him down.  Larez is up but Wallace takes him down again into side-control.  Wallace has an underhook on the far side and pins Larez’s left  arm to the mat.  Wallace attempts an arm triangle but Larez escapes and tries to stand up, unsucessfully.  Wallace takes him down again into full mount and starts ground and pound just as the bell rings.  Wallace clearly takes round 1.

Round 2 – Wallace starts with some kicks but Larez catches one and attempts a takedown.  Wallace scrambles and takes Larez down.  Larez reverses and attempts to mount Wallace but Wallace reverses, then Larez mounts Wallace, takes his back and attemp[ts an  RNC.  Larez rides his back and lands some good shots on Wallace.  Larez clearly the winner of this round.

Round 3 – Some fists exchanged but Wallace goes for a double leg, misses, attempts a single leg, finally gets Larez down.  Wallace attempts to pass but Larez rides a guillotine  to the top, mounts and lands some fists to the head.  Larez takes Wallaces back and starts raining down blows.  Looks like there may have been a few illegal blows too the back of the head but the ref doesn’t think so.  Round ends with Larez in the back mount.

Decision:  Unanimous 28 – 29 for Nico Larez

Ernad Rosic  vs. Marc Talledo

Round 1 – Talledo lands a left kick to abdomen but Rosic takes him down, goes to back mount immediately and takes and RNC.  Rosic adjusts the RNC and sinks it in again.  Talledo breaks with wrist control and tries to roll out but Rosic takes an arm bar.  Talledo attempts to defend by stacking, and the rounds ends.

Round. 2 – They exhcange swings and Talledo takes Rosic down, lands a heavy fist on Rosics head,, but Rosic scrambles out.  Talledo follows and pushes Roosic against the cage.  Rosic reverses Talledo and lands some kn ees to Talledos abdomen.  Talledo reverses and then breaks away.  Rosic goes for a double leg and slams Talledo to the mat against the fense.  Rosic tries to land a fiest but Talledo explodes up and grabs a leg on the way up,, just as the bell rings.

Round 3 – They ccome out swinging Rosic lands seto good low kisks,  Talledo lands a couple good right hooks.  Talledo lands a hard body shot and stumbles Rosic against the fence, then takes him down into Rocic’s guard.  Rosic locks an arm in looking for an armbar, then Talledo slams him.  Rosic loses the arm but maintains wrist control.

Decision: 28.5 to 28, 29.5 to 29, 29.5 28.5 unanimous for Rosic.

Anthony Topas  vs. Ronnie McCoy

Round 1 – Topas lands a  right kick to McCoy’s abdomen and follows up with a good right cross.  Topas attempts a takedown but they scramble and end up on the cage.  They exchange knees and blows to the ribs, exchanging positions against the fence several times.  McCoy takes Topas down with an inside trip, holds him against the fence and lands some heavy blows.  Topas grabs an arm lockdown and the bell rings.

Fight ends between rounds by doctor stoppage due to a cut above the left eye of McCoy, probably the result of the right cross at the beginning of the round.

Winner: Anthony Topas TKO doctor stoppage.

  1. Justin Davis  vs.  Erick Bacher

Round 1 – Davis looks really big.  A few missed strikes and Davis takes Bacher down with a body lock into the full guard.  Davis moves to half guard, but Bacher scrambles, reverses and ends up in side-control.  Bacher lands some really nasty knees to Davis ribs.  Bacher takes full mount and lands some short blows to Davis’ head before the bell rings

Round 2 – Bacher lands several rights but Davis takes a double-leg, takes him down but Bacher reverses, transitions to side mount.  Davis has head control as Bacher lands a few blows to the head and ribs.  Bacher attempts to mount, misses, tries again and mounts.  Bacher lands several blows to the head, Davis can’t get wrist control.  Bacher continues to land some heavy blows.  The ref calls a TKO.

Winner: Erik Bacher TKO at 1:45 of the 2nd round

  1. Coda Taylor  vs. James Appleberry

Round 1 – Appleberry lands a low right kick.  They grapple for a second and Taylor takes Appleberry down with a single leg.  Appleberry calls a verbal tap and stays on the mat.  Doctor is in the ring and stands Appleberry up.  His shoulder is out.  Appleberry pulls down on his arm and it stretches a couple inches!!!  Disturbing!

Winner:  Taylor by TKO at 1:37 of first round.

  1. Alberto Juarez  vs. Juan Quesada

Round 1 – Juarez lands a hard left kick, low and two more.  Quesada goes for a body-lock but over commits and Juarez takes Quesada down with a hip toss and into half guard.  Quesada mounts, then takes his back, but Quesada rolls and reverses into Juarez’ guard.  Quesada lands a right.  Quesada scrambles to posture up but Juarez maintains wrist control, and the round ends.

Round 2 – Juarez tries for a body-lock but Quesada shrugs him off, lands an inside trip and ends up in half guard.  Quesada struggles to posture up and Juarez gains full guard.  Quesada pins him against the cage and lands a couple.  Juarez tries for a leg lock but misses.  Juarez tries to maintain wrist control but Quesada gets in a few.  Round ends with Quesada on top.

Round 3 – Juarez makes a bad feint and attempts a takedown but Quesada gets a double-leg and lands in quarter guard.  Lake the last round, Quesada struggles to posture up but Juarez is strong and maintains wrist control, with Quesada landing a few short punches.  Quesada lands a good right and round ends the same, with Quesada on top.

Decision:  Unanimous 27.5 to 30, 28 to 29.5 and 30 to 28 for Juan Quesada

  1. Jeremiah Labiano  vs. Diego Cuenca

Round 1 – Labiano swings but Cuenca slips the punch, takes a body lock and pushes Labiano against the cage.  Cuenca lands some knees and drives his right shoulder into Labiano’s chin.  The ref breaks them and Labiano lands a kick and a front kick.  Cuenca dives and ends up with again with double-underhooks, running him against the cage.

Round 2 – Labiano starts with a front kick and barely misses Cuenca’s chin.  Cuenca rushes again and gets double underhooks but succeeds only in pushing him against the fence.  Labbiano attempts an inside trip but misses.  Cuenca takes him back to the fence. Cuenca rushes again but this time Labiano counters with an uppercut which staggers Cuenca to his knees.  Ref looks like he’s ready to call it a KO but Cuenca grabs Labiano in a body lock and the round ends.

Round 3 – Labiano starts with a right head kick then a turning back kick.  Cuenca grabs double underhooks and they struggle to the fence.  Labiano has Cuenca against the fence but Cuenca quickly reverses him and starts landing knees to the thigh and shoulders to the chin.  Labiano tries to land a few knees but they break from the fence and Labiano does a spinning back fist that misses. Cuenca gets double underhooks again and they go against the fence again.  Round ends again with Cuenca pinning Labiano against the fence but not much happening.

Decision:  30 to 28.5, 30 to 28.5 and 30 27 for a unanimous decision in favor of Labiano.

  1. Jared Porter  vs. Cameron Daniels

Round 1 – porter lands a right but Daniels taks him down.  Porter sweeps into side control but Daniels grabs an armbar.  They struggle and Porter rolls him over and into into Daniels guard.  Daniels grabs overhooks and keeps Porter locked down.  Round ends and the ref is holding Daniels cup in his hand – too funny!!!  The judge to my left says the ref should have called timeout.

Round 2 – They trade punches and Daniels tries to shoot but Porter shrugs him off, takes him down and into his guard.  Porter takes half guard, pins Daniels against the fence and starts landing punches.  Porter postures up and lands some heavy lefts and rights.  Daniels grabbed a single leg and stood up.  Porter lands a few and the round ends against the fence.

Round 3 – Porter lands a right, Daniels goes for a body lock and takes Porter down but Porter scrambles and ends up on top in Daniels full guard.  Daniels gets overhooks but Porter moves him against the fence.  Porter passes Daniels guard b and Daniels goes for n arm bar and misses.  Porter pulls out and Daniels tries to stand up but Porter lands several heavy blows,.  Daniels drops and covers up.  The ref looks like he’s about ready to call the fight, but the round ends with Daniels pinned against the cage and Porter getting ready to pound.

Decision:  Scores aren’t announced but it’s called a unanimous decision for Jared Porter.

Jordan Porter  vs. Joshua Berkovic

Round 1 – exchange swings, Berkovic attempts underhooks but misses.  Goes for hooks again and takes Porter down, but Porter stands up and lands a hard uppercut.  Berkovic goes down and Porter takes side control.  Berkovic stands up and they clinch.  Berkovic goes for a lateral throw but Porter sprawls and lands on top as the round ends.

Round 2 – Porter lands a short right and left and Berkovic grabs double underhooks.  He tries to take Jordan down but Jordan swivels and lands a hip toss on Berkovic and ends up in kesa gatame.  Porter hooks Bercovics neck and reaches for a knee, attempting a Bas Ruten neck crank, but misses.  Berkovic scrambles and they stand up.  Berkovic swings and Porter slips and falls.  Porter grabs underhooks and drives Berkovic against the fence. Porter reverses and goes for a double-leg.  Berkovic sprawls and Porter grabs a guillotine.  The round ends.

Round 3 –  Porter chages, flurrying and landing a couple punches while pushing Berkovic against the fence.  Berkovic grabs underhooks and takes Porter down against the fence.  Porter goes for a  Kimura and Berkovic throws Porter down.  Porter hangs onto the Kimura and Berkovic lands a couple elbows to the ribs.  Porter gives up the Kimura and pulls Berkovic into his guard, where the fight ends.

Decision:  29.5 to 28, 29 to 28 and  29 to 28.5 for a unanimous decision in favor of Jordan Porter.

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