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WCFC Results

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Tramain Smith vs. Mike Pearsons (middle weight)

This fight is a late addition to the card. Pearsons has only 1 prior pro fight, which he won by Arm-bar.  Smith is 1 – 5, lost his last 4 fights, but 1 of his wins was by KO from punches.  Smith represents Team Carnage and Pearsons represents Cesar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu

Round 1 – After some sizing up Pearsons pushes Smith against the fence, takes him down, tries to take his back, but Pearsons reverses and has Smith in a triangle.  He taps.

Result: Pearsons by Triangle at 1 min 5 sec of the first round.

Anthony “Goldie” Charnell vs. Keni “Man on Fire” Renta (light weight)

Both these fighters are rookies with only 1 prior pro fight a piece.  Renta lost by unanimous decision and Charnell won by Kimura.

Round 1 – Renta starts fast with a leg kick, and they immediately trade fists.  Renta kicks again but Charnell grabs the leg, takes him down and into a guillotine choke.  Renta tries to shake him off and finally escapes and grabs  Renta’s head.  They stand up but Charnell takes Renta down again  and grabs a guillotine again.  Renta rolls him over and now they’re in a clinch on their knees trying to gain control.  Renta takes Charnell down and takes full mount, lands some hard elbows to the head, but Charnell reverses him.  Renta gets a triangle and Charnell taps.

Result: Renta by triangle at 3 min 14 secs of the 1st round

Junior Villanueva vs. Adam “The Wrench” Porter (featherweight)

Both these fighters went pro in 2009. Porter’s record is 2 – 1 and won both by submission.  Villanueva represents Last Stand Fight Team and has a record is 1 – 1, win by TKO punches and loss by armbar.

Round 1 – Round starts fast with a kick by Porter and fists by Villanueava.  They grapple and Villanueava takes Porter down into his guard.  Porter reverses and grabs a  triangle.  Porter postures up and Villanueva loses the lock.  They’re on the ground grappling, Villanueva takes Porter’s back and lands some heavy fists.  Porter’s right eye is swelling.  Porter scrambles to his feet and they circle.  Villanueva shoots and takes Porter down into side control, knee on belly and now into full mount.  Villaneueva lands more heavy hands.  Porter gives up his back and Villanueva grabs both hooks.  Porter rolls but Villanueva stays on.  Now he has an RNC locked in and Porter taps.  Porter’s eye is messed up!

Result:  Villanueva with RNC at 4 min 10 sec of 1st round

John “Jonmac” Macalolooy vs. Alex “The Decision” Perez (Featherweight)

Both fighters have fought as bantam weights in the past. Macalolooy’s record is 2 – 1, both wins due to unanimous decision. Perez went pro in May 2011 but has already had 4 fights, 3 – 1 record, 2 wins by decision and 1 by (T)KO.  Macalolooy represents Team Ochoa.

Round 1 – They circle and throw ranging punches and kicks.  They’re turning it up now and both land a hard leg kick on the other.  Perez presses forward landing several glancing blows.  They grapple and Perez takes Macalolooy’s back standing, tries to throw him down, sweeps the heel and they go down but Macalolooy scrambles up. They trade more heavy punches but none landing hard.  Macalolooy grabs a body lock and presses Perez against the cage, takes Perez down and they grapple some more with neither gaining advantage. Macalolooy grabs a Kimura and struggles to set it but Perez scrambles out.  Perez grabs a single leg, eleveates him and carries him across the ring to his corner, drops him, but Macalolooy ends up on Perez’ back.  He’s trying to set in an RNC with only 10 seconds in the round, and that’s how it ends.

Round 2 – They’re circling again.  Perez throws a right knocking Macalolooy to the mat but he scrambles up.  Perez grabs a body lock and drags him to the ground against the fence, but Macalolooy walks up the fence.  Perez has double-underhooks with Macalolooy against the fence.  They’re apart now but Macalolooy shoots for a double, struggles then lifts and drops Perez to the mat, falling into Perez’ half guard.  He spins to Perez’ back but doesn’t set the hooks and Perez walks up the fence.  They’re standing in the clinch, Perez having the underhooks.  Now Perez grabs Macalolooy ‘s back standing and tries to  lift him, but slips and Macalolooy takes full mount.  Perez has feet against the fence and tries to spin, but Macalolooy stays on top, lands an elbow to the head.  Perez has the body lock but Macalolooy postures up, but he trips, allowing Perez to stand.  And they’re clinching again when the bell rings.

Round 3  – They touch gloves and spar, most punches missing.  Macalolooy is closing the distance but Perez is countering.  Now Perez tries to close while Macalolooy blocks the punches. Macalolooy feints a punch and drops for a double leg, takes Perez down and mounts him.  Perez works his way to the fence and walks up again.  Macalolooy throws a reverse spinning heel hook which looks great but misses.  Macalolooy grabs a leg and takes Perez down.  Perez is trying for a Kimura but Macalolooy defends well with his hand tight between his legs.   Macalolooy  spins out and Perez hangs onto the arm too long allowing Macalolooy to take his back.  Perez tries to roll but Macalolooy takes full mount.  Perez rolls and Macalolooy takes his back, then tries for an arm-bar, and the fight ends like that.

Result:  30 – 27, 30 – 287, 30 -27, unanimous for Macalolooy.

Andre  “The Fury” Fili vs. Vaymond “The Winning Touch” Dennis

Fili is a late replacement and represents Boss Biz and Righteous Warriors Fight Team. His record is 5 – 1, has never been knocked out or submitted. His one loss was TKO due to knee injury.  He knocked out Tony Reveles by kick  in 2010.  Dennis is from Susanville and has a 4 – 1 record, has never been knocked out or submitted with his only loss due to TKO from injury.

Round 1 – Fili throws a head kick but Dennis ducks and grabs a body lock, tries for a take-down but Dennis ens up pushing Fili against the fence.  Fili is throwing some good knees.  Dennis drops for a double leg, tries to elevate Fili, then takes an outside trip into side control.  Perez tries to posture up and drop fists but Fili scrambles.  Dennis stays in side control with Fili’s left arm trappped.  Dennis tries to drop fists but Fili is looking for a triangle, loops his legs around Dennnis’ head, now locks the ankle in.  Dennis picks him up and drops him, breaking the leg lock. Dennis is in side control again, throwing some knees to Fili’s side.  Fili reverses and grabs a Pervian necktie and transitions to arm triangle, but loses it.  Dennis ends up in side control again but still isn’t doing much while on top.  Ref stands thim  up and Fili throws some knees and they clinch when the round ends.

Round 2 – Dennis is breathing hard.  It starts out in high gear with Fili throwing knees effectively. Fili tries for a guillotine, misses and transitions to a triangle which he locks in immediately.  Dennis’ arm is in and across his face.  Fili grabs the arm and extends for an armbar, they struggle for a bit then Fili extends again forcing Dennnis to tap.

Result:  Fili by triangle arm-bar at 1 min 40 sec of the second round.

Derrick Burnsed vs. Nolan Sules

Burnsed is a Team Alpha Male fighter with a record of 8 – 2, 3 winds by TKO and 5 by submission.  Sules has a 4 – 2 record with 2 wins by TKO, 1 by submission and 1 by decision.  Sules hasn’t fought since 2009, when he lost 1by TKO and won 1 by KO.  Both fighters are lightweights.

Round 1 – Burnsed shoots for a double leg and takes Sules down into his half guard.  Sules powers over into Burnsed’s guard and grabs a guillotine.  Sules taps immediately!

Result:  Burnsed by guillotine at 34 sec of 1st round.

Michael Christensen vs. Darin “Whitey” Cooley
This fight is a winner take all.

Christensen represents AKA and has a record of 9 -5.  He is well rounded offensively, with 4 of 9 wins by unaminous decision, 3 by submission and 2 by TKO.  On the otherhand, his 5 losses include 3 by submission and 2 by decision.  Cooley represents Cesar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and has a record of 4 – 1, with all 4 victories by submission, of which 3 were by RNC.  His loss was by decision.

Round 1 – They’re circling and throwing ranging punches.  Christensen grabs a body  lock and takes Cooley down into his guard.  Cooley tries for a rubber guard but can’t hang onto it.  They scramble to their feet.  Cooley lands a hard leg kick and throws a flying knee but falls short, and ends up pushing Christensen against the fence with double underhooks.  They’re both throwing short punches to the body, then Cooley drops for a double leg takedown into Christensen’s guard.  They’re boh throwing short punches.  Cooley postures up and lands a couple hard lefts to Christensen’s forehead causing some damage.  Then they lock up again and the ref stand them up.  Cooley lands a hard left jab, then a combo.  Cooley shoots for a takedown and ends up in Christensen’s guard again.  Cooley is having a little more success landing some bombs in Christensen’s guard.  And the round ends with Cooley on top.

Round 2 – Starts fast with a couple punches thrown.  Cooley backs Christensen up against the fence, drops and tries for an outside trip but Christensen scrambles and ends up in Cooley’s guard.  Christensen moves Cooley away from the fence .  Cooley grabs an arm, throws a triangle and gets the tap by triangle arm-bar.

Result:  Cooley by triangle arm-bar at 2 min 30 sec of the 2nd round.


Anthony “A-Train” Ruiz vs. Jared Torgeson

Ruiz is a late replacement and has a record of 25 and 16 and represents AKA.  He has heavy hands but 10 of his 16 losses were by submission.  He lost his last 3 fights, 2 by decision and 1 by arm-bar.  He fought 5 times in Stirkeforce in 2006-09. Torgeson represents the Irish Hit Squad and has a record of 9 – 8.  He went pro in 2008 and has had 17 fights in less than 3 years.  He lost 4 of the last 6 fights.  Foughjt in KOTC in 20009.

Round 1 – Ruiz throws some ranging kicks and punches.  Torgeson lands a leg kick and Ruiz answers with one of his own.  Torgeson grabs double underhooks and pushes
Ruiz against the cage.  Ruiz slips in an underhook and rotates Torgeson against the cage.  Then Torgeson does the same.  Not much is happening. They’re both fighting for underhooks and throwing some knees.  Ruiz grabs a Muay Thai clinch and throws a knee to the chest.  Torgeson backs out and they separate.  They’re back to the clinch.  Ruiz takes Toregeson down and starts dropping some heavy fists. Torgeson grabs an arm and reaches for a triangle but Ruiz postures up.  Torgeson has his back against the cage and is trying to walk up the cage.  Torgeson tries to roll out but Ruiz takes his back.  Torgeson grabs a leg and reaches for a leg lock but misses by a mile.  Ruiz postures up again and the round ends.

Round 2 – Ruiz throws some kicks and then shoots for a single leg, gets the takedown and ends up in Torgeson’s guard.  Ruiz is doing a good job of pushing Torgeson’s face down and dropping fists with the other hand.  Torgeson is trying to grab a leg  lock but Ruiz continues to frustrate him by posturing up.  Ruiz pushes Torgeson against the cage.  Torgeson gets a foot under Ruiz and pushes him off.  Ruiz dives in again into his half guard.  Torgeson  gains full guard.  Ruiz continues to drop bombs but Torgeson is fending most of them off.  Torgeson continues to look for the leg lock.  Ruiz pushes off his legs and gets into side mount.  Torgeson pushes off the cage and spins to grab a single leg allowing him to stand.  Ruiz reaches for his back but the round ends.

Round 3 – Ruiz throws some heaving leg kicks but slips and Torgeson capitalizes, jumping into half guard.  Ruiz scrambles and Torgeson grabs an armbar.   He loses the arm-bar and Ruiz ends up on top with Torgeson’s arm trapped under him.  Ruiz is reaching for his back.  He has him back mounted.  Torgeson tries to stand but Ruiz grabs his back and drags him down.  They scramble and Torgeson ends up on Ruiz’ back  He tries to grab an RNC but Ruiz grabs a leg.  Torgeson lets it go and the get to their feet with Ruiz’ back to the cage.  Ruiz grabs a standing guillotine but lets it go and drops for a single leg.  He drags Torgeson down but Torgeson scrambles up as Ruiz grabs a double leg and takes him down again into half guard with his back against the fence.  Ruiz lands some punches then grabs an arm.  He has the head isolated and he’s torqing the arm.  It looks bad for Torgeson, but the bell rings before he is forced to tap.

Round 4 – Both are swinging hard and staying in the pocket.  Torgeson lands some hard blows and Ruiz looks a little stunned, but he recovers and they’re clinching on the fence again.  They both start swinging again at close range.  They’re going all out this round.  They clinch again and work the dirty boxing.  They separate and start swinging again.  Ruiz grabs a single leg, elevates and takes Torgeson down into his half guard.  Torgeson is reaching for the far leg, but Ruiz presses him to the mat and throws a hard knee to the side.  Ruiz traps Torgeson’s arm and tries for a crucifix but lets it go.  Torgeson tries to crawl to the cage and Ruiz takes his back. Torgeson tries to walk up the cage but Ruiz grabs a single leg and pulls him back down.  Ruiz throws a couple short lefts to the head.  They’re both swing wildly again, then Ruiz grabs a single leg and takes him down. The bell rings.

Round 5 – The round starts slowly, but then Torgeson throws a weak kick and Ruiz grabs it, taking him down.  Ruiz stands in the guard, throws Torgeson’s leg and falls into side mount.  Ruiz throws some knees to the body repeatedly.  Torgeson looks pretty gassed.  Torgeson rolls onto this stomach and turtles.  Ruiz takes his back, sets both hooks in but he’s too high and Torgeson turns him.  Ruiz grabs an arm for a Kimura but loses it and Torgeson gets side mount.  Ruiz scrambles and ends up on Torgeson’s back with both hooks in.  Ruiz is too high again and Torgeson turns him again.  Torgeson tries to stand but Ruiz grabs a single leg and takes him down into half guard.  He postures up and tries to drop some fists but Torgeson’s active guard keeps him off balance and he avoids most of the blows.  The round ends with Ruiz on top.

Result:  Ruiz by majority decision  48 – 47,  50 – 45,  48 – 47


Jaime “El Cucui” Jara vs. Max “Pain” Griffin

Jara has fought in four different weight classes, went pro in Sep 2002, with 43 fights and averaging almost 5 fights per year for 9 years. Jara represents Carnage Fight Team and has a record of 32 – 10.  He lost his last fight with Romario Manoel da Silva at Shark Fights 19.  He fought in Bellator in March 2011 and lost.  He has also fought in EliteXC and KOTC.  Griffin represents Vanquish Sports and is undefeated in his 3 fights since turning pro in 2009.  all 3 fights were with Gladiator Challenge.

Round 1 – They exchange fists.  Jara lands a hard leg kick.  Griffen lands a hard straight right and stuns Jara.  Jara pushes forward and Griffin lands another hard right  counter punch, knocking Jara down right in front of me.   His face is on the mat, literally 2 feet in front of me with his eyes are rolled back in his head; he’s clearly out.  The ref jumps in and stops the fight. Wow!

Result:  Griffen by KO at 52 seconds in the 1st round.

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2 Comments on “WCFC Results”

  1. Sharon January 12, 2012 at 10:10 pm #

    In your article regarding Burnsed vs Sules you have – Burnsed taps immediately! Maybe I’m reading this wrong but shouldn’t it be – Sules taps immediately! – since Burnsed won.

    • Kevin Reyes Gibbs January 13, 2012 at 12:19 am #

      Fixed- Thanks for the catch. Its easy to make mistakes while updating live but I am surprised I didn’t catch it after the fight.

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