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We were at the Saddlerack in Fremont, CA on 1-22-12 to cover the Camo fights at Born to Fight.  Here are the results with round-by-round summaries of the action.


Main Event:

Anthony Dariano (2-0-0) vs. Ethan Ama (2-0-0) – Featherweight

Anthony is 27, from San Jose and represents American Kickboxing Academy.  Ethan is 20, from San Francisco and represents Dragon House.

Round 1 – Dariano immediately shoots and grabs a body lock, pushes Ama against the cage.  They clinch against the cage struggling for control.  Dariano tries for an outside trip but Ama takes an over/under and stands him up.  The ref  separates them.  Fists are exchanged for the first time.  Dariano shoots for a double leg, takes him down, but Ama grabs a triangle, transitions to an omaplata.   The bell rings before he can complete the submission.

Round 2 – Ama throws some combinations and Dariano shoots again, takes a body lock and drops him.  Ama stands up and Dariano grabs a guillotine.  Ama escapes and Dariano takes Ama down again with a body lock.  Ama reaches for a rubber guard but just to control him.  Ama loses the rubber guard, Dariano passes guard, gets full mount and starts raining down fists.  Ama gives up his back, Dariano takes a RNC.  He has it sunk under the chin.  Ama taps quickly.

Result:  Dariano by RNC in the 2nd round.


Co-main Event:

Carlos Chavez (2-1-1) vs. Joshua Berkovic (1-1-0)  – Lightweight

Joshua is 23, from San Francisco and represents Fairtex.  Carlos is 27, from San Jose and represents Schutz MMA.

Round 1- Berkovic shoots for a double leg and powers Chavez down against the cage into his full guard.  Chavez has a lock-down so Berkovic  isn’t landing any fists.  Chavez has an active guard, grabs an armbar but Berkovic shakes him off.  Berkovic uses it as an opportunity to stand up.  They clinch, Berkovic grabs a double leg, lifts and takes Chavez to the ground.  The round ends with Berkovic in control

Round 2 – Berkovic slips a straight right through Chavez’ arms to his head.  Then Berkovic drops for a double leg, drags him down but Berkovic  immediately stands.  Berkovic takes a single leg and drags him to the ground again.  Chavez escapes and they’re on their feet again.  Berkovic has a whizzer and lands a knee to the abdomen.  Berkovic throws another knee.  He has underhooks and takes Chavez down.  Chavez reaches for an armbar but the bell sounds.

Round 3 – Berkovic ducks and threads a right through Chavez’ arms.  They clinch and Berkovic takes double underhooks, tries to take Chavez down but Chavez gets the over/under and forces Berkovic up.  They continue to clinch against the fence.  Berkovic has Chavez’ back.  Chavez rolls for a leg lock. He has it locked solid and it looksed like it would be a submission if the round hadn’t end here. It goes to the judges.

Result:  Unanimous decision for Berkovic.

Zacahary “Big Poppa” Parish (1-0-0-) vs. James “Jimmy” Shea (0-0-0) – Welterweight

Zachary is 27, from San Jose and represents American Kickboxing Academy.  James is 23, from Los Gatos and represents Ernie Reyes West Coast World Martial Arts.

Round 1 – They’re swinging immediately and Parish shoots for a double leg, but Shea gets underhooks and forces him up.  They separate.  Parish throws a right, Shea counters with a left kick which Parish grabs and takes him to the gournd.  Shea immediately goes for a triangle but can’t lock it.  Shea scrambles up and they’re both swinging again.  Looks like Parish took a good shot to the right cheek and Shea to the left cheek .  I see swelling on  both their faces.

Round 2 – Shea lands a right leg kick and Parish shoots for a double leg, but Shea forces him up.  Shea takes red down and takes his back.  Shea has both hooks in and tries for a RNC.  Parish tries to turn over and blue reaches for a twister, then transitions to a banana split.  Parish gives up his back. The round ends with Shea in control.

Round 3 – Parish lands a hard left, Shea is hurt and Parish swarms on him, but Shea lands a hard right.  Parish stumbles backward – he may be hurt.  But Parish stands and shoots for a double leg, takes Shea down and into his full guard.  Shea uses the fence to stand up. But Parish drops to a double leg, lifts and throws him to the mat.  Shea grabs a kimura and gets Parish’s hand out from between his legs, but loses control of his wrist.  The round ends with Parish in control.  It goes to the judges.

Result:  Unanimous decision for Shea.

Jason Rice (3-0-0) vs. Josepth”Mad Dog”  Silva (2-2-0) – Lightweight

Jason is 25, from San Jose and represents American Kickboxing Academy.  Josepth is 32, from Livermore and represents Combat Sports Academy.

Round 1 – Rice immediately shoots for a double leg but misses, Silva grabs a whizzer and pushes him against the fence.  Silva grabs a double leg, lifts him and drops him to the matt.  Silva has Rice against the fence, postures up, and Rice tries to escape but Silva takes his back.  Silva stands up  and lands several kicks to Rice’s legs while he’s on the round.  Silva drops a fist to Rice’s head and ends up in his guard.

Round 2 – They circle.  Silva grabs a double leg and red defends with a whizzer.  But Rice gets an inside trip and takes Silva to the ground, into his full guard. Rice has underhooks but isn’t doing anything.  Silva is landing more fists from the bottom than Rice from the top.  Rice stands then drops again, trying to land a fist, and ends up in Silva’s guard again. The round ends with Rice still not captializing on his position.

Round 3 – They’re both swinging but neither landing any solid hits.  Silva grabs a single leg and takes Rice down into side control.  Rice gains half guard.  Now it’s Silva who has the superior position and isn’t landing many fists.   Now Silva has Rice against the fence and lands a couple short fists.  Silva drops an elbow but I can’t see how much damage it did.  Silva lands a couple good fists as the last round ends.  It goes to the judges.

Result:  Unanimous decision for Silva.

Jonathan “Van Damage” Enriquez (0-1-0) vs. Brady Huang (1-1-0) – Bantamweight

Jonathan is 21, from Santa Cruz and represents Sandro Batata BJJ/Noble-Moreno boxiing.  Brady is 19, from San Francisco and represents Dragon House.

Round 1 – Enriquez grabs a single leg and Huang lands some hammer fists, but Enriquez takes him down into side control.  Huang gains full guard.  Huang maintains a high active guard.  Huang has Enriquez locked down with underhooks.  Enriquez tries to transition to side mount, but Huang uses a butterfly to hold him inside his guard.  Enriquez pushes and gets into half guard, but Huang quickly regains guard.  Huang postures up and swings but Huang pulls him back into his guard, where the round ends.

Round 2 – Huang throws a low right kick but Enriquez counters with a stiff right to the head.  Enriquez grabs a double leg and pulls Huang down the ground.  Huang uses an underhook to escape and takes Enriquez down with a double leg and into Huangs  guard.  Enriquez is keeping a loose guard. Now Enriquez tries to get a Kimura. He gets the arm out but Huang shrugs off the Kimura.  Then the round ends.

Round 3 – Huang shoots for a double leg and pushes Enriquez to the fence.  He tries to drag him down but Enriquez stands up and separates.  They stay in the pocket trading punches.  Enriquez grabs a single leg, scrambles and gets the take down.  Huang nearly escapes but Enriquez keeps control and moves and  into his close guard.  They trade punches with Enriquez in Huang’s closed guard.  no damage.  The bell rings and it goes to a decision.

Result:  Unanimous decision for Enriquez.

Robert Abbott (0-0-0) vs. JJ Okanovich (0-0-0) – Welterweight

Robert is 27, from Pacifica and represents Charles Gracie Jiu Jitsu.  JJ is 21, from San Jose and represents Team Cissero.

Round 1 – Okanovich throws a couple leg kicks.  Abbott tries to counter with a kick but Okanovich grabs it and takes Abbott to the ground.  Abbott scrambles up and they separate.  They circle briefly and Abbott grabs a single leg, taking Okanovich down into his half guard.  Okanovich grabs a guillotine and uses it to stand up.  They’re in the clinch. Abbott trips Okanovich and takes him to the ground into side mount.  Okanovich grabs an arm and tries for an armbar but Abbott pulls out and transitions to full mount.  Abbott lands some ground and pound, then the bell rings.

Round 2 -Okanovich tries for s superman punch but misses.  Abbott throws some knees and Okanovich counters with his left.  Okanovich lands a left hook.  Abbott tries a kick to the abdomen but Okanovich grabs it and pushes him against the fence.  Okanovich is still hanging onto the single leg.  Now he drops for a double leg.  Abbott sprawls against the fence but Okanovich lifts him and takes him down into full guard.  Abbott quickly locks in a triangle choke but the arm isn’t in.  So Okanovich survives and the round ends without the submission.

Round 3 – They circle and swing but no solid hits.  Abbott ranges with his left jab trying to hold Okanovich off.  Abbott throws a left leg to the abdomen , deflected.  Abbott tries to throw  a knee but Okanovich grabs it.  Abbott continues to throw, landing some while Okanovich scrambles.  Abbott grabs a double leg and takes Okanovich down into full mount.  He has Okanovich’s head trapped against the fence with one arm and is landing punches with the other.  Okanovich turns and gives him his back, then the bell rings before Abbott gets his hooks in.  It goes to the judges.

Result: Unanimous decision for Abbott.

Adam Espinoza (1-1-0) vs. Malcolm “The Young ‘N Swagged out Assailant”Graham  (0-0-0) – Welterweight

Adam is 27, from Grover Beach and represents The Pit.  Malcolm is 20, from Hayward and represents KO1 Fitness Academy.

Round 1 – They touch gloves and go right to it.  Graham throws a kick to the abdomen but Espinoza catches it and takes him to the ground. Graham grabs hold of a guillotine, uses it to sweep into full mount and pounds Espinoza hard.  The ref stops the fight.

Result:  Graham by TKO

Kennedy Uy (0-0-0) vs. Jeff Lin ((0-0-0)  – Featherweight

Jeff is 29, from Foster City and represents  Fearless Fitness.  Kennedy is 27, from Sunnyvale and represents NorCal Fight Factory.

Round 1 – Lin lands a leg kick but Uy counters with a left hook.  More punches exchanged.  Uy grabs double underhooks and tries to drag Lin to the ground but Lin separates.  They’re circling,  nobody throwing punches.  Uy feints with a fist and shoots for double underhooks.  Uy has Lin against the cage and they both start swinging.  Uy goes for a straight right but Lin counters with a left cross.

Round 2 – Uy  lands  a couple left jabs. They cirle and throw many fists but neither are landing any solid punches.  Uy lands a good left kick.  Lin tries to throw a right but Uy counters with a solid right to the chin of Lin.  Lin looks like he’s knocked out but still standing.  His eyes are rolling back in his head.  The ref stops the fight for a standing TKO.

Result:  Uy by TKO in the 2nd round.

Peter Thompson (0-0-0) vs. Evic Liftee (0-0-0) – Lightweight

Peter is 25, from Soquel and represents American Kickboxing Academy.  Evic is 21, from Daly City and represents World Team USA.

Round 1 – They touch gloves and circle the cage.  Liftee lands a leg kick.  Thompson grabs a double leg and takes Liftee down into half  guard.  Thompson snakes in a guillotine and Liftee tries to stand up.  Thompson sits back into the guard to sink the guillotine in, but Liftee rolls over the top.  They scramble for control and Thompson ends up in Liftee’s half guard.

Round 2 – Liftee throws a right front kick and Thompson rushes Liftee,  grabbing double underhooks.  They scramble across the cage and Thompson finally gets a take down into full mount against the opposite side of the cage.  Thompson is landing some heavy blows to Liftee’s head but Liftee answers with some punches.  Liftee sits up and powers over Thompson.  They scramble and Liftee grabs a guillotine.  Thompson frees his head then the bell rings.

Round 3 -They’re both swinging in the pocket.  Thompson grabs underhooks and pushes Liftee against the fence.  Thompson takes Liftee down but Liftee grabs a guillotine.  Now Thompson’s head is out and he’s in side control.  Thompson transitions to full mount, pushing Liftee’s head against the fence.  Liftee sits up against the fence as Thompson lands some hard blows. Liftee get his feet under him and powers over again into Thompson’s guard.  Liftee is postures up, then  ands  some heavy blows.  The bell rings and it goes to a decision.

Result: Unanimous decision for Thompson.

Nathan “The Aztec Boxer” Arena (0-0-0) vs. Adam Galiste (0-0-0) – Flyweight

Nathan is 41, from San Jose and represents Gilbert Castillo/Red Triangle.  Adam is  22, from Fairfield and represents Animal MMA.

Round 1 – They clinch, struggle and Galiste grabs Arena’s back.  Arena is able to turn his back away from Galiste, still in the clinch.  Galiste has double underhooks holding Arena against the fence, where he lands some hard rights to the abdomen.  Galiste separates, but Arena swings and Galiste pushes Arena against the fence for more knees to the abdomen and legs, and short rights to the head.

Round 2 – Galiste feints with a right and shoots for a double leg, pushing him against the fence.  Galiste drags Arena down.  Galiste grabs an arm and turns it into an armbar.  Arena taps.

Result:  Galiste by armbar at 40 sec of round 2.

Ricardo Ramos (0-0-0) vs. Kenneth Carthan (0-0-0) – Lightweight

Ricardo is 34, from San Jose and represents West Valley College.  Kenneth is 27, from Hayward and represents KO1 Fitness Academy.

Round 1 – Carthan lands some low kicks.  Ramos answers but Carthan is landing the hard kicks.  Ramos grabs a foot and they clinch against the fence.  Ramos has double underhooks but can’t take Carthan down.  Not much is happening in the clinch.  A few knees to thighs and shoulders to chin.  Ramos is still struggling to take Carthan down.  Ramos finally takes Carthan down and into side control. Ramos has Carthan in the crucifix position but the bell rings.

Round 2.  Starts with Carthan kicking Ramos in the groin.  Timeout taken.  Carthan high kicks Ramos but Ramos grabs the leg again and takes Carthan down into half guard.  Ramos lands some short lefts and now moves into side control.  Carthan has a guillotine but won’t be able to submit him from side control.  The bell rings with Ramos in side control.

Round 3 – Carthan lands a good kick to Ramos’s head which stuns him, but Ramos grabs a double leg and drags Carthan to the ground.  They stand and Carthan takes Ramos down with an inside trip.  Carthan is in Ramos’ full guard. Ramos has Carthan locked down and not much is happening.  Carthan pushes Ramos against the fence and the bell rings.  The fight goes to a decision.

Result: 28.5 – Carthan, 29 – 28.5 Ramos, 29 – 28.5 Carthan for a split decision in favor of Carthan.

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  1. cop May 14, 2012 at 6:02 am #

    Malcolm ”The Young ‘N Swagged out Assailant” Graham is the perfect name for this thug. He now sits behind bars.


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