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I write for Figure Four Fotos, featuring live action reporting of regional events in Northern California. Contact me at figurefourfotos@gmail.com or at Facebook Figure Four Fotos. Follow us on Facebook to make sure you know about upcoming fights we'll be featuring live, get the results and see great fight action photography.

Art of War Productions – Bound by Honor – 1/28/12: Preview

Tomorrow we will be at the Chicken Ranch Bingo and Casino in James Town, CA to cover Bound by Honor, put on by Art of War Productions.  We’ve been covering events live, providing a round-by-round summary of action as it happens.  I’m not sure whether we’ll be able to post the results during the fights because we may not have 4G/3G wireless coverage in James Town.  We won’t know until we get there, but tune in at 6:00 PM tomorrow to see if we’ll be live.  If not, you can see the results by Sunday 1-29-12.  And make sure you follow us at Facebook Figure Four Fotos to get updates on this and future fights we’ll be covering.

Here is some analysis and stats on the fights:

The most interesting match-up is Oscar Martinez vs. Nick Christy.  Let’s be honest, most of the fighters at this event don’t have much pro experience, and those with a lot of experience have less than stellar records.  True, we may find some new up-and-comers with talent and a lot of drive.  But at this point, Martinez and Christy are the only veterans with okay records.  We happened to see Oscar Martinez fight at Rogue Fights: Vision Quest where he beat Dominic Rivera via RNC at 2:34 in the 1st round (official records say it was TKO).  He looked great, as you can see in our photos of his: take down and submission skills.  After a slow career start with two losses in 2006 and 2008, Martinez got more fights in 2010 and 2011, winning all three fights (overall record of 3 -2), including two fights at the well established Northern California Gladiator Challenge promotions.  His wins were via RNC, arm bar and unanimous decision, and both losses were by TKO.  Martinez has been out of the first round only once, a win by decision.  We haven’t see Nick Christy fight, but he has had 8 fights (4 – 4), including a two fights  in Gladiator Challenge events and one fight with the mid-level national fight promoter, King of the Cage.  His wins include 3 by KO/TKO (either 2 or 1 by KO, depending on the source), while his losses include 2 by submission (RNC), 1 by TKO (punches) and 1 by split decision.  He lost his last 2 fights.  Christy’s fights have gone to 3 rounds only twice, a win and a loss by decision.  So from their records, it looks like Christy is the better stand-up fighter and Martinez is better on the ground.  They may surprise us, but I expect the fight won’t go the distance, either ending by submission/ground-and-pound by Martinez or KO/TKO by Christy.

One other fight is interesting to  me, if for no other reason than we saw Eloy Garza’s amateur fight at Rebel Fighter: Annihilation in August 2011, where he won the Rebel Fighter amateur 135 pound title by an arm-bar submission.  This will be the first pro fight for Garza, as well as for his opponent, Raul Estrada. I wasn’t able to get their amateur records.  If anyone knows it, please let me know via comment on this page.

Here are the available stats on all the pro fights listed by Art of War as of the time of publication (as reported by Sherdog.com and MixedMartialArts.com):
Age Height Weight    Wins   [(T)KO   Sub  Dec ]     Losses  [(T)KO  Sub  Dec]
Ramoni Koeut
    28  UK     135       2      [ 1      0    1  ]      2       [ 0     2    0 ]
Ruben Trujillo (replacement for Paul Ruiz who pulled out due to injury)
    UK  UK      UK        0                             1       [ 0     0    1 ]
Oscar “Superman” Martinez
    38  5'7'    185       3     [ 0      2     1  ]     2       [ 2      0    0 ]
Nick Christy
    30  6'0"    170/178   3     [ 3      0     0  ]     4       [ 1      2    1 ]


Eloy Garza
    21  5'6"    133       0                             0
Raul Estrada
    UK  UK      UK        0                             0


Ben Davis
    35  6'0"    260       2     [ 2      0     1 ]      6       [ 3      3     0 ]
Richard Blake
    36  6'0"    210       7     [ 5      1     1 ]     20       [11      9     0 ]


Carlos “Mongoose” Guerrero
    UK  5'5"    135       0                             3       [ 1      2     0 ]
Kino Vuittonet
    UK  5'8"    155       0                             2       [ 1      1     0 ]

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