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Art of War Productions – Bound by Honor – 1/28/12: Results

We were at the Chicken Ranch Bingo and Casino in James Town, CA yesterday to cover Bound by Honor, put on by Art of War Productions.  My apologies to anyone who tuned in last night to catch the round-by-round action.  I had no cell signal way up there in the hills by James Town, and was unable to post anything during the fight.  I took notes and I’m post as summaries of the action now, as I decipher my notes. Te fight results are already posted below. For pictures, click on the following link:


AMATEUR CARD (All amateur fights are 3 rounds x 2 min):
Mike Nakagawa vs. Lawrence Ayman (130 lbs.)

Round 1 – The round starts out with and exchange of leg kicks. Nakagawa catches Ayman off balance and slips a hard right cross inside Ayman’s guard, followed by a left hook.  After they separate, Ayman throws several combos which Nakagawa easily slips.  Nakagawa ducks a punch and shoots for a double leg, pushing him up against the fence.  Ayman uses underhooks to try to stand him up, but Nakagawa has the double leg locked in.  Nakagawa lifts him,gets great elevation and slams Ayman to the mat and into side control.   The round ends in this position.

Round 2 –  Ayman lands a solid right leg kick, Nakagawa tries to check but misses.  A few fists exchanged without anything landing.  Then Nakagawa lands a hard strike – the post blocks my view, but Ayman goes down and his whole body is limp.  Nakagawa drops a hammer fist before the ref pulls him off.

Result:  Nakagawa by KO in the 2nd round.

Luis Jauragui vs. Miguel Andres Quiroz (155 lbs.)

Round 1 – Jauagui immediately shoots but Quiroz clinches with an over/under.  But Jauagui has him off balance and manages to take him down, and into half guard.  Jauagui moves him up against the fence, postures up and drops fists, left and right.  Quiroz isn’t able to block most of the shots, and the round ends with Jauagui in control.

Round 2 – They start circling and sparring with nothing solid landing.  Then Jauagui shoots for a single leg but misses and they clinch with Quiroz’ back against teh fence.  It looks like Quiroz tries to reverse but Jaragui gets him off balance, grabs a body lock and takes him down into half guard.  Quiroz gains full guard.  Jaragui fights for separation but Quiroz keeps him locked up with overhooks for a while until  Jaragui gets separation and stacks him.  Jaragui does some ground pounding for most of the remainder of the round, while Quiroz is unable to lock him down until the last seconds of the round.

Round 3 – Jaragui immediately shoots and gets a body lock, taking him down and into full mount.  Jaragui gets a high mount and pounds both sides of Quiroz’ head.  Quiroz tries to roll and ends up giving up his back with Jaragui on top.  Jaragui flattens him out and is trying for an RNC but Quiroz has good wrist control.  The remainder of the round involves Quiroz trying to rotate and Jargui staying in back control.

Result: Jaragui by unanimous decision.

Danny Croch vs. Andres Castillo (165 lbs.)

Round 1 – Croch throws a nice left cross that touches Castillo. Castillo responds with an overhand right that just misses. Croch hits Castillo with a solid right, rocking Castillo. Castillo seems to recover, but then he shoots and Croch stuffs it. Croch pushes in on Castillo and
Castillo backs up to the fence. Castillo covers up and Croch slips a right around his guard and lands a hard strike below Castillo’s left ear.  This buckles Castillo but then he comes up again. Castillo looks seriously rocked.  Croch throws another right and Castillo goes down, but catches himself against the fence.  Croch is holding Castillo  in a squat against the fence and he throws an underhand right on Castillo’s lowered head.  The ref is already moving and he stops the fight for a TKO victory.

Result:  Croch by TKO in the 1st round.

Mike John vs. Matt Hampton (165 lbs.)

Round 1 – John feints with a right and shoots. Hampton stuffs the shoot, clinches with an over/under and muscles John down.  Hampton ends up in John’s butterfly guard and he executes a nice butterfly sweep.  John ends up in half guard with Hampton’s back against the fence.  Hampton is up now, they clinch and Hampton takes John down again, ending up in his full guard. John has an active guard, looking for an arm-bar.  He gets it, flips Hampton over, has the arm locked in tight, extends and Hampton is forced to tap.

Result:  John by arm-bar submission at 1:09 in the 1st round.

Frankie Plasencia vs.  Damon Taylor (165 lb.)

Unfortunately, my notes on this fight are missing.

Result:  Plasencia by arm-bar submission at 0:50 in the 1st round.

K.C. Ragmadden vs. Zach Van Zant (160 lbs.)

Round 1 – The first part of the round consisted mostly of Van Zant making a few attempts to shoot, which Ragmadden stuffed, Van Zant tried to rescue with a single leg and Ragmadden counted with a standing Guillotine hold, causing Van Zant to back out.  Halfway through the round, Van Zant succeeded in taking him down with a single leg.  Van Zant held him down briefly until Ragmadden scooted to the cage and wall walked. They clinched briefly, separated, then Ragmadden slipped Van Zants left jab and countered with a right uppercut, knocking Van Zant down and out.

Result:  Ragmadden by KO in the 1st round.

Randall Wallace vs. Anthony Lopez (185 lbs.)

Unfortunately, my notes on this fight are missing.

Result:  Wallace by TKO at 1:37 in the 1st round.

Rudolph Buendia vs.  Julio Garcia (250 lbs.)

Round 1 – Garcia makes a high kick, impressive for a 250 pounder, checked. Buendia responds with a quick inside kick to the left knee. More kicks exchanged then Buendia shoots for a double leg and powers Garcia to the mat into his half guard.  Buendia steps over Garcia’s leg into full mount. Garcia rolls over, and Buendia follows into back mount. Buendia flattens him out and starts pounding right fists into Garcia’s head.  The ref jumps in and stops the fight for a TKO.

Result: Buendia by TKO at 1:35 in the 1st round.

Mike Therman vs.  Jesse Harmon (205 lbs.)

Round 1 – The fight ends in just a few seconds.  Therman lands a hard fist to Harmon, knocking him to the ground.  With Harmon on all fours, Therman drops a hammer fist directly to the back of Harmon’s head.  The ref jumps in to stop the fight.

Result:  The referee stopped the fight due to an illegal blow by Therman.  The doctor determined Harmon could not continue the fight, and the referee ruled the illegal strike was intentional.  As a result,  Harmon won by disqualification of Therman.

Granston Clarke vs. James Hardman (250 lbs.)

Round 1 – 8_50 Clarke starts off with a right kick that lands on Hardman’s side. Hardman answers right back with a front kick to that lands on Clarke’s chest. Clark lands an inside thigh kick. Hardman throws a right, Clarke sidesteps and counters with a left., follows up with a right hook, which drops Hardman. Clark jumps into mount position and throws several hard lefts before the referee stops the fight.

Result:  Clarke by TKO at 1:02 of the 1st round.


Carlos “Mongoose” Guerrero vs. Kino Vuittonet  (135 lbs. – 3 rounds x 3 min)

Guerrero is a wrestler out of Tulare,  California, associates with Team Hit Boy,  with a 0 – 3 record, 1 loss by (T)KO and 2 by submission.  Vuittonet is a wrestler out of Sacramento, California, with a 0 – 2 record; 1 loss by (T)KO and 1 by submission.

Unfortunately, my notes on this fight are missing.

Result:  Geurrero by RNC at 0:32 of the 1st round.

Anthony Vargas vs. Richard Blake (Heavyweight – 3 rounds x 3 min)

Blake has a 7 – 20 record.  Five wins were by (T)KO, 1 by submission and 1 by decision.  Eleven losses by TKO and 9 by submission.  Vargas is a late replacement, so I have no info on him at this point.

Round 1 – Vargas starts the round with an inside thigh kick to Blake.  Blake shoots, gets underhooks and they clinch.  Vargas grabs Blake’s neck and tries a hip toss, but Blake reverses, takes Vargas down and ends up in full mount.  They remain in this position for the remainder of the round, with Vargas fighting for wrist control and Blake managing to drop a few fists, without any serious damage.

Round 2 – The rounds starts out again with Vargas landing an inside thigh kick, but he follows up with an overhand right, which Blake deflects with his guard. Vargas uses this as an opportunity to shoot, but Blake stuffs the takedown attempt.  They separate and they both start swinging. Vargas throws a right kick at Blake’s side but Blake deflects it. Blake answers with a left inside thigh kick which lands on Vargas’ cup.  Time called briefly. There’s and exchange of fists and it looks like Vargas intended to shoot, but Blake lands a left below Vargas’ ear, but he doesn’t go down.  Vargas backs out and throws a right kick to the mid-section which Blake partially blocks.  Blake lands a low body shot that knocks Vargas back against the fence.  They grapple standing for a while and Vargas slips a right cross over to graze Blake’s cheek. Blake separates and they circle.  Vargas lands another right kick to the mid-section. And the round ends shortly after.

Round 3 – The rounds starts out with some circling.  Blake shoots and Vargas grabs for a guillotine hold. They separate and Blake takes Vargas to the mat.  Vargas is on all fours and Blake is in the superior position, landing several left fists on the side of Vargas’ head. Blake transitions to back mount position but is a little too high to get his hooks in.  Instead of trying to shake him off, Vargas roll onto his back.  Blake stays with him, moves to full mount and starts dropping elbows to his forehead. Vargas rolls back to his stomach and Blake takes back mount with Vargas already flattened out.  Blake lands a few fists before the round ends.

Result:  Blake by unanimous decision.

Eloy Garza vs. Chris Solis (130 lbs. – 3 rounds x 3 min)

This is the pro debut fight for both Garza and Estrada.  Garza is from Modesto, California, associates with Oakdale MMA.  Chris Solis is a late replacement, so I have no info on him at this point.

Round 1 – Solis goes straight for a left kick to the mid-section, which Garza counters with a diving a straight right which glances off the chin.  They reset and Garza throws another straight right, this time to Solis left temple, knocking Solis to the ground. Garza’s follow-through carries him forward and Solis grabs a leg, taking Garza down. Solis scrambles and pins Garza against the cage, but Garza is able to grab an arm, transition to an arm-bar with Solis still standing.  Garza has the arm trapped and the head isolated.  Solis taps quickly.

Result:  Garza by arm-bar submission at 0:48 of the 1st round.

Nick Christy vs. Oscar “Superman” Martinez (170 lbs. – 3 rounds x 5 min)

Martinez associates with Cen Cal Extreme Fitness, with a previous fight weight of 185 and a 3 – 2 record.  Two wins were by submission and 1 by decision.  The two losses were both by (T)KO.  Christy is from Rio Linda, California, associates with Huckaba’s Next Generation MMA and a 3 – 4 record.  All 3 wins were by (T)KO and his losses include 1 by (T)KO, 2 by submissions and 1 decision.

Round 1 – First contact is when Christy lands a right cross.  Some fists exchange without any effect.  Christy throws a high left kick which is deflected.  Martinez throws a left to the mid-section, which misses.  Martinez over-rotates and Christy shoots on him, pushing him against the fence.  Martinez stops the takedown and clinches with an over/under, which he transitions to a guillotine.  It looks like Martinez may get the guillotine, but Christy breaks his hold. They clinch again with Martinez still against the fence.  Christy pushes off and throws a right, which is deflected by Martinez’ guard.  Christy throws a right kick that lands high on Martinez’ thigh. Martinez takes Christy down and takes side-control, where he transitions to an an Americana.  It looks like Martinez has the has the Americana locked in.  Christy is in serious pain.  Christy kicks his body over Martinez’ back and traps his far arm.  From there he makes a great transition into a back-mounted crucifix. Then he transitions into back mount and attempts an RNC.  He lets the RNC go but has a figure four lock on Martinez’ body.  Martinez’ covers up while Christy rains down punches.  Looks like nothings getting through but the ref stops the fight for a TKO.

Result: Christy by TKO at 4:58 of the 1st round.

Ramoni Koeut vs. Ruben Trujillo (135 lbs. – 3 rounds x 3 min.)

Koeut has a 2 – 2 record, 1 win by (T)KO, 1 win by decision, and 2 losses by submission.  Ruben Trujillo is a replacement for Paul Ruiz (who pulled out of the fight due to injury), so little is known about Trujillo.  He has a 0 – 1 record, the 1 loss by decision.

Round 1 – They exchange leg kicks, then Koeut throws a straight right that touches Trujillo’s face, and shoots for a double leg and slams Trujillo to the mat, landing in Trujillo’s guard.  Koeut quickly moves to full mount, pushes him against the fence.  Trujillo blocks a couple fists then sweeps Koeut, ending up in half guard.  Koeut keeps Trujillo locked down for a while, then sweeps Trujillo and lands in side control. Koeut steps over to mount Trujillo but Trujillo takes a guillotine grip.  It looks like the guillotine is locked in, and he flips Koeut over.  But Koeut is able to stand and pushes Trujillo against the cage. Trujillo lets the guillotine go as Koeut drops for a single leg. They drop to the mat and Koeut isn’t able to control the leg, allowing Trujillo to take his back.  The round ends in this position.

Round 2 – The round starts with an exchange of fists before Koeut shoots for a double leg against the fence.  Koeut is able to pick him up, loses one leg, but is still able to drag him down. Trujillo stands but Koeut locks in on a double leg, pushing him against the fence again.  This time he picks Trujillo up, gets good elevation and slams him hard onto the mat. Trujillo scrambles and takes Koeut down.  Koeut grabs an arm and sets up an arm-bar. Trujillo lifts Koeut up by the trapped arm, and Koeut grabs his leg, and uses the arm-bar to set up a sweep.  They scramble and Trujillo ends up on top.  Trujillo throws a hammer fist to his head, then switches to a guillotine, and falls back attempting to pull Koeut into his guard.  Koeut steps over his leg, and breaks the hold.  Koeut takes Trujillo’s back, pushes his side against the cage and lands a bunch of looping fists with his outside arm.

Round 3 – They exchange some leg kicks, then Koeut lands a clean hard kick to Trujillo’s ribs, knocking Trujillo back against the cage. They grapple at the fence and Koeut ends up taking Trujillo down, but Trujillo gets a guillotine hold on Koeut.  Trujillo holds onto the guillotine and ends up on top, still hanging onto the hold.  Eventually Koeut breaks the hold, but that leaves Trujillo on top in full mount.  Koeut sweeps and ends up in Trujillo’s guard, then quickly passes to full mount. Koeut swings on Trujillo’s head, and Trujillo rolls over to give up his back.  Koeut flattens Trujillo on the mat and sinks in an RNC.  The ref on his hands and knees looking closely, but Koeut lets the hold go.  Now the ref stands them up. Trujillo lands a front kick to Koeut’s cheek – looks good but is without serious effect.  Koeut lands a straight right that rocks Trujillo back a bit. Trujillo takes Koeut down and takes his back. Now Trujillo takes the RNC hold.  Koeut tries to brush him off on the fence but Trujillo holds on with both hooks in.  After a bit Koeut taps.

Result:  Trujillo by RNC at 2:19 of the 3rd round.

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